Who We Are

“It takes both sides to build a bridge.”


12 is a special number for both of us. We are no mathematician but there’s a great debate lying around the deep dark web saying that when you add up all the natural numbers 1+2+3+4+... then the answer to this sum is -1/12 which diverges to infinity, or to put it more loosely, that the sum is equal to infinity. It's not the end of the story but we don't want to bore you out so click below if you want to read more about the brand.

We are Negative12.

We are composed of two young and inspired individuals who are based in Dubai who love what we do and we like to do it well. We also love to collaborate with individuals who have the same passion like us ‘aka’ our friends from the creative world to create bespoke solutions. We help small and big businesses create their brand. Our skills and talents range from branding and identity, web development, photography and videography to creating murals and graffiti.
At Negative12, we can help bring your brand to life.
Branding and Identity 100%
Graphic Design 80%
Illustrations and Infographic 80%
Web Design and Development 75%
Murals and Graffiti 95%
Photography and Videography 85%